What I Ate Wednesday: Nicaraguan Eats [2]

I’m a terrible blogger. I never remember to photograph my food. I think it’s a muscle memory you have to train. Or it’s because I’m lackadaisical in most things I do. I wish I could be a more serious person. Did you know the Spanish word for “almost” is “Casi”? I think this blog name was meant to be.

I’m writing this at 6:30 a.m. since I woke up for a run and it’s pouring the rain. I wanted to share a few more of the things I ate while in Nicaragua. I still am having a little white rice PTSD – I saw a container in the fridge at work yesterday and almost had a panic attack, but other than that, I’m already ready to be back there, waking up early to surf, not waking up early to push back a run because I’m being a baby and don’t feel like running in the rain.

This isn’t a whole day of eats – just random things I photographed that you’ll probably see again if I ever bother to do a recap. (I will, I promise – getting serious over here).

Smoothie Bowl from Buddha’s Garden

buddhas garden san juan del sur | almost getting it together

Smoothie Bowl at Buddha’s Garden.

I was Skyping with my #WCW, Davida, last night and told her about the smoothie bowl I ate at the new raw foods cafe in San Juan Del Sur, Buddha’s Garden. Her reply? “Of course you would find the only raw foods bar in Nicaragua.” This smoothie bowl was made with a papaya base, then topped with mango, banana, watermelon, chia seeds and raw granola. I love how not-sweet the raw granola was. Do I now need a dehydrator? The answer is no.

Fish Taco from Bad Ass Eats

bad ass eats san juan del sur Nicaragua | almost getting it together

Fish taco from Bad Ass Eats.

You can’t go to a beach town without a fish taco, even if fish tacos aren’t really native to Nicaragua (still Mexican, but readily available at every beach stand and just about every place in town). This was super messy. It’s crazy windy in San Juan Del Sur (offshore winds from Lake Nicaragua, hence why the surfing is so good) and whatever creama sauce was on it was everywhere. Then I also felt the need to dump a random hot sauce on the counter into it. The tortilla was a  homemade corn tortilla and was so good. BUT – the fish tacos my dad and I made from “It’s All Good” still are the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Is that blasphemy?

Lobster from Cloud Farm

lobster cloud farm |  almost getting it together

Lobster… with the dreaded white rice.

As I said before, my meals were included in my lodging. The next to last night included lobster. I don’t even know where you find lobsters in Nicaragua, aren’t they a cold water creature crustacean? It was delicious and was in some red veggie sauce. The green thing is some sort of squash (though I wish it were kabocha squash) and the thing that isn’t rice is mashed potatoes. I’m just not into mashed potatoes/white potatoes in general… They’re both just bland to me. I was kind of hungry after I ate this since it was a few slices of squash and one lobster tail so I ended up making a salad with a random cucumber and tomato I found with balsamic vinegar and this delicious smoked cheese.

Steak and Chicken Kebobs from El Colibri

el calibri san juan del sur Nicaragua | almost getting it together

Beef and chicken kebabs at El Colibri.

I had spoke with a few people who had visited San Juan Del Sur, including Abby from All Dolled Up, who told me about the sangria at local Mediterranean restaurant, El Colibri. We went on their second to last night – their lease was up and the owners of the building wanted to start their own restaurant there. Since Nicaragua’s only food to speak of is rice, beans and plantains, I felt zero guilt about eating a cuisine I could get at home. Everything looked amazing – they had Spanish meatballs, steak with vodka bacon sauce, gnocchi (how I miss you, gnocchi) – but I went with chicken and steak kabobs (I love all things grilled, especially grilled veggies) and they were nice enough to swap polenta (weird polenta craving) for the potatoes.

Although I love eating while traveling, I’m also a creature of habit and truly love making my own meals because I love cooking, so coming home is always a little bit of a relief for me – I no longer have to forage for food out in the world and instead can throw random stuff in a bowl and eat it. I’ve also been eating mustard on everything since I didn’t have mustard for a week and I’m currently OBSESSED.

I’m linking up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.


Chat with me: What food/condiment are you currently obsessed with? Do you like eating out/eating at home more? What’s the best thing you’ve ever ate traveling?


16 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Nicaraguan Eats [2]

  1. Wow! That smoothie bowl sounds crazy delicious & refreshing.I think it’ safe to say you got your fruit serving for the day in your breakfast alone 🙂

    I’d much rather eat at home > hummus is probably my favorite condiment.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday

  2. You WOULD find that only raw foods cafe in Nicaragua. Or at least make friends (more appropriate term for what she actually is) with someone who would talk you there!

    I was about to be like “wow cass were you up all night blogging? #dedication”, then I read your comment about how it was raining outside. As you might suspect, I don’t run in rain because that does not meet my basic needs. ALL IS NEED IS MY BASIC NEEDS MET! IS THAT SO HARD?

    I discovered an epic oatmeal combo this morning, figs and chocolate. Not quite acai but we can’t all be fancy, huh?

    • NEED FIG AND CHOCOLATE OATMEAL. And my basic needs met. No wonder I hate rain – it does not equal the basic need of being dry lol. I wish I had the dedication to stay up all night blogging, but I’m also terrified of lack of sleep making me fat soooo… maybe I need Diet Coke?

  3. Are you a bad blogger? Or someone who lives their life the way they should? 🙂 Sometimes I worry we are all just too obsessed with capturing the moment, that we forget to live it!

    I love reading your eats, so interesting to see what other cultures enjoy, and so cool that you get to experience that! I have this miso ginger dressing that i am trying on a lot of my dinners right now.

    I love to eat out, but i definitely love eating at home too. Makes the occasional times you eat our more special as well 🙂

    • “Sometimes I worry we are all just too obsessed with capturing the moment, that we forget to live it!” -LOVE THIS. You got it right, girl. We’re too busy trying to make memories with physical means we don’t make them in our minds.

      I need to buy miso – it’s having such a moment.

  4. Im Ana by the way, new to blogging! I’m currently obsessed with dates, no condiments! I’d have to say the best food I’ve eaten while traveling was a coconut seafood soup in Nosara, Costa Rica… Amazing!

  5. I woke up early this morning to run too! And couldn’t fall back asleep. Now I’m building the motivation for an evening run that are always so hard for me.

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