What I Ate Wednesday: Nicaraguan Eats

Incase you missed it, I’m currently at surf camp with Chicabrava in Nicaragua (as part of my “actually achieve something as a 25 year old plan“). As part of the camp, they provide all of your meals, which is super cool because I’m staying on a farm and 90% of the food they make is from the farm (there’s nothing like fresh eggs). I thought I would share a little bit of what I’m eating, but I’m a terrible blogger so I always forget to take photos.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos (per usual) and being totally unedited – WiFi here is a bad sitch.

Nicaraguan Breakfast: Plantains, Rice and Beans + Eggs

Nicaraguan breakfast plantains rice and beans eggs | almost getting it together

Also un-pictured was fresh fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple) and coffee.

I honestly hope I never see rice again after this week and it’s only the end of day 3, but I always forget how delicious plantains are. I ended up adding a little Wild Friends chocolate sunflower almond butter to the plantains for some healthy fats.

Nicaraguan Lunch: Huge Salad

Nicaraguan Lunch: Huge Salad | almost getting it together

These veggies and eggs all came from the farm.

This salad was a Godsend – I seriously always miss eating a ton of veggies when I’m traveling. The hardboiled eggs were so good because they were from the farm. Also look how crazy that avocado is. On the side I had a little rice with pesto sauce.

Nicaraguan Snacks: Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Seviche


San Juan Del Sur Catamaran Snacks | almost getting it together

This seviche may have changed my life.

We took a super awesome catamaran tour that involved snacks – homemade pico de gallo, gauc and seviche. I literally will never have pico and seviche that delicious again in my life – mainly because that fish was probably swimming this morning. I would do bad things for that seviche recipe.

Also snacked on but unpictured have been a Quest bar, almonds, a Kind granola bar and a half (chocolate chip and maple pumpkin seed), a melted Kind bar and these Peter Rabbits Organics fruit and vegetable squeezes. Surfing seriously makes you hungry.

I also bought these protein bars from a local company, Grace and Honey. I have chocolate berry chia seed and they were AMAZING.

Nicaraguan dinner: Chicken Curry | almost getting it together

Curry in a hurry.

I seriously had been craving curry so this was amazing – lots of veggies and chicken. I of course also had some rice (ugh but whatever).

I’m linking up with Jen from Peas and Crayons for today’s post. Thanks for hosting!

Chat with me:
What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week? What food are you so over right now?


21 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Nicaraguan Eats

  1. I love reading posts like this about other cultures and what they serve up. I had noticed that a lot of places love their rice, but Americans love their pasta, so I guess it depends where you are. I could see how you could be sick of it! So cool you got to surf a lot, I actually can stand up ……in really low pathetic waves, but i am still proud! Looks like you had some wonderful eats!

    So over right now? I wish i could say cereal, but that will never happen. Instead I guess probably carrots. As easy as they are as a snack. Getting bored with them!

  2. Ahh that’s awesome that you’re staying on a farm! I can only imagine how amazing all the fresh food tastes 🙂 I’m over snow and the need for warm breakfasts like oats right now haha. I want warm weather, sunshine, and all the local fruits and veggies again!

  3. Yummmmmy. I’m glad there are good veggies there for you cause I know you’d be going totally crazy otherwise. I am craving curry now. Also, you’ve been lookin’ hawt in your Instys! Super jealous of the (literal) surf, sand and sun. Love youuu.

  4. OMG RICE AND BEANSSSSS!!! I’m very jealous of this solo trip. I need to get on that!… PS I’m reading over your goals for 25 and it seriously looks like I wrote it. I had no idea about the novel — that’s amazing! I may start doing that. Actually I’m going back and forth between responding to this and reading your list… I emailed myself your list because I want to make a similar one. YOUR IDEAS ARE AMAZEEEE

  5. I read your post yesterday – wel looked at the photos, and was wondering what that green thing was w/ your salad. Now I know it’s an avocado LOL! Thanks for sharing your meals girl. It’s always fun to see food from different parts of the world.

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