Getting it Together Thursdays: Collect Moments, Not Things

What do you remember more – that amazing Spring Break trip you took with your girlfriends in college or the sweater you bought last week? If you’re anything like me, you don’t realize you own two-thirds of the things in your wardrobe, so it’s probably the trip.

I love to travel. I was bitten by the travel bug at an early age. I am very lucky and blessed that my family puts importance on spending time together doing things rather than buying things – while most people asked for a new MacBook for high school graduation, I schlepped my two-year old laptop to college and instead, asked for a trip to Europe. The laptop I eventually did have to purchase a week into school now lays forgotten and unused in my basement, but I still fondly remember visiting Versailles with my grandmother just about every day.

My friends often ask how I have money to travel so much – the simple answer is that I am really cautious about where my money goes: I pack my lunch everyday for work rather than buying it, I make my coffee instead of stopping at Starbucks for a latte every morning, I live at home (I know, this isn’t something to necessarily be proud of at 25, but I save so much money) and delete those sales e-mails. Think before you buy – do you really love it? If not, don’t buy it. That money could go to something more meaningful.

Maybe you don’t have the travel bug – you can still collect moments with your friends and family. Each birthday and holiday, I try to buy my friends and family something that requires us to spend time together. I bought my grandmother a spa package this Christmas, took Friend Emily (who seriously I have to have guest post about her Green Trekker) out to brunch and a mani/pedi for her birthday and bought tickets to a concert for Angela for all her hard work over the summer.

In college, I drove a beat-up Ford Taurus (because I was a terrible driver, it was purchased for me in perfect condition) and all I wanted was a new car. After a summer trip to Italy, my dad told me “I was going to buy you a new car this summer, but I decided the memories you would make in Italy would be worth more”. Think about that next time before you spend money – will you remember what you buy or will you remember that trip or event you are saving money for?

Chat with me:
Do you collect moments or things? (It’s okay to collect both :))


18 thoughts on “Getting it Together Thursdays: Collect Moments, Not Things

  1. Ahhh the concert <333 I miss that weekend so much. Did you know The Neighbourhood came back to Cbus last week? Isn't that like really soon? Idk. Anyway, I do love to have experiences. Although, when it comes to gifts, I tend to make/buy things with some sort of meaning to them that people can keep (aka your wine glasses) and last week I bought my friend Emily a sliver spoon with writing on it for her bday.

  2. I live at home right now too! I’m actually moving out next weekend, which I’ve been kind of cautious about because I was saving so much money. I think it’s the best move for me personally, but I’m totally conscious of saving. a LOT. And i’m allll about experiences rather than materialistic things. When I’ve had boyfriends, I always buy them “experiences” as gifts — indoor skydiving, jet skiing, etc. I’d rather create memories than have a sweater, too!

  3. Can’t wait for Toronto to be added to the list! I totally agree with everything you said, although I haven’t travelled very much recently. I did sit Curt down and told him we need to start saving for a trip to SE Asia cause I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t instagrammed a pic of herself with Tigers!

    • I’ve been to SE Asia and didn’t see one tiger, I’m such a fail. And seriously SE Asia is SO CHEAP once you’re there. I feel like flights from Canada might possibly be cheaper than from the US, too. It’s my favorite region in the world.

      OH AND CAN’T WAIT FOR TORONTO – a little over a month yay! (We need to give you a date for real lol)

  4. Ahhhh so cool! You visited Stonehenge, what a beautiful picture, and so many special memories with your grandmother I bet. You are so right in this, I always try to live by this, and have never understood how people value materials over memories. That is what is most important; experiences with those you love!

  5. I too try to live by this concept. For me, materialistic items mean nothing – but memories with my wonderful family & friends mean the complete world. Besides, a pair of shoes aren’t going to comfort me when I need someone to talk w/ when i’m feeling down.

  6. I’m so with you on this one. I love travelling, not only because I love seeing new places and cultures, but because having an upcoming trip always gives me something to look forward to and keeps life fresh and exciting. Plus the memories you make are basically priceless. Give me memories over things any day.

  7. Great post! I’d say I collect both things and memories, and I’m ok with that. On the one hand, memories are far, far more valuable and will stick with you for a lifetime. I’ve studied abroad a few times and have been fortunate enough to travel also, and I’m so grateful for that. But I do love a new beauty product now and then. My best advice for clothes though is if you don’t absolutely love it and want to wear it out of the store, don’t buy it. That’s saved me a lot of money and avoiding impulse buys (so it was basically the same as your tip 😉 ). I loved this though!

  8. I love this post!! I think it is so true that you really remember great memories and enjoy them so much more than anything you could buy. I think it is great that you’ve learnt from an early age to be so careful with your money. I wish I had been as cautious with mine earlier on but I learnt my lesson later on.

    I definitely want to do more travel. The next trip I make with my boyfriend will hopefully be to Europe and to do country France, Italy and Holland 🙂

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