Getting it Together Thursdays: Goals for 25

Tomorrow I turn the big two five. I made the curve from early-twenties to mid-twenties (someone kindly told me last year 24 was mid-twenties so I took it). Every year I say “this is going to be my year”… and 24 definitely was not my year. I strangely think even numbered ages are bad for me (22 was alright, despite one pretty bad thing happening). Also according to the Chinese, the year you were born in (i.e. ox) is supposed to be a bad year for you. Last year was the Year of the Snake and I was born in the Year of the Snake so it makes sense.

year of the snake Philippines bohol island | almost getting it together

YEAR OF NOT GETTING EATEN BY A SNAKE. Philippines 2009, baby.

Anyway, 2014 is all about learning to set goals and figuring out how to achieve them. I think a mixture of 25 15 goals is attainable – some are little attitude or habit changes, others are things that are just perennially on my to-do list. Now that I have this blog about becoming an adult, I can check in on a goal or two each month so I’ll hold myself a little more accountable.

Note: I’ve been trying to think of 25 goals since January. I came up with 15. This gives me a little wiggle room and maybe I can find 10 new goals before I turn 26.

Goals for My 25th Year

Personal Goals

  1. My number one goal is actually not able to be posted up on my blog. If you know me, you probably know what it is. If you don’t, feel free to go to my About Page, send me an e-mail and ask.
  2. Go on a solo trip. I don’t want to be held back on adventures because I don’t have someone to go with. I actually already have this one planned – I’m going to surf camp in Nicaragua later this month! I want to be able to just go out surfing on my own (granted I’m by the ocean and not in Pittsburgh) so I figured the best way to really hone it is to go to surf camp.
  3. Get Italian passport. I’ve seriously been meaning to do this for like six years. I have Italian citizenship through my grandmother and it’s just a pain to deal with the Italian embassy. It’s in Philly, it’s open literally nine hours a week in total. My grandmother gave me the name and number of an attorney who will actually do all the paperwork for me – I seriously just need to get it together (pun not intended) and call. From my adventures in third world countries and desire to go to Cuba, sometimes traveling as a non-American has its perks.
  4. Run a marathon. This is the year I’ve finally decided I’m ready. If I don’t get in the New York City Marathon, I’m going to run the Savannah Marathon with my great aunt for her 70th birthday. I would have ran Pittsburgh but I’m running the DC Nike Women’s Half the weekend before and I really want to focus on doing well at that race.
  5. Take the GMAT. I’m not totally sure if I want to get my MBA yet, but just in case, this will be the year I take the tests
  6. Start/finish my novel. I used to think this was stupid and unattainable until I read The Happiness Project. If you write 1,667 words a day, you can have a short novel done in a month. I am going to self-publish and see if it goes anywhere from there.
  7. Go to Wanderlust/other yoga retreat.
  8. Read one book per month. 
  9. Start swimming again. I keep talking about it – I just need to do it.

Blogging Goals

  1. Redesign my blog for a more professional feel. Self-explanatory.
  2. Self-host my blog. Google Analytics would be nice.
  3. Aim for new content three times per week. I want to have new content more often that that, obviously, but I know for goal making you’re supposed to set attainable goals.
  4. Make a press kit. This is becoming my to-do list in a blog post.
  5. Apply for one new partnership opportunity/guest blog/free lance writing gig a month. If I want my blog to be successful, I need to put a little time and love into it!

Friends & Family Goals

  1. Spend meaningful time with my family at least once per month. I’m guilty of blowing my family off, screening calls because I’m busy or sitting at my grandparents house reading blogs. I seriously need to focus on them when I’m with them.
  2. Make time to talk to my friends. I am also guilty of saying I’ll call and never do. A lot of my friends live in different cities and are always there for me when I need them. I really need to make more of an effort to pick up the phone and talk to them every once in a while rather than texting.
  3. Reply to e-mails within 48 hours. Do you ever get an e-mail from someone and don’t want to respond right away so you can write a meaningful response and then totally forget to respond? Yeah, me too. I need to write a response, even if it’s short and sweet.

Today I’m linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for her Thinking Out Loud series since this post was basically me thinking out loud and I love reading her Thursday posts!

Thinking-Out-Loud running with spoons | almost getting it together
Chat with me:
What do you think of my goals? Do you make goals for yourself on your birthday – or New Years – or randomly?


22 thoughts on “Getting it Together Thursdays: Goals for 25

  1. Well you know I have my list of goals to which I have only achieved 1 (Drink more wine). But I still have another 6 months to go….Now I have my commentary:

    I think I know your #1 goal!
    You NEED to write a book.
    Can we please go to Wanderlust?! In the meantime I need you to start motivating me to yogi.
    Speaking of motivation, do you know how long I’ve been putting off my media/press kit? MAKE ME DO IT.
    If you’re looking to self-host and get a redesign, I cannot recommend my designer enough. Her name is Julie with Deluxe Designs. Such a pleasure to work with, is super responsive and talented too! Here’s her website:
    Does guest posting for me count? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I am horrible at responding to emails.
    I’m your friend, right?! Let’s skype!

    HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!!! I’ll harass you tomorrow 🙂

    • I love your list of goals. I should have looked at it for inspiration and I could have found my last 10!
      a) yes you know my number one goal!
      b) make me write my book… that will help AGIT famous, right?
      c) YES name the time and place and I’m there.
      d) I have to check her out… I really love your design so clearly she’s great.
      e) I feel less bad about not having a press kit after you, Ang, Jessie and Amanda all said you needed to so it!
      f) YES – that’s what made me include the guest posting part.
      g) Unless it’s 10 pm on a Friday night, right?
      h) I BARELY KNEW WHICH LETTER CAME AFTER G. YES WE NEED TO HAVE A SKYPE DATE ASAP – you can model your new jeans or me.
      i) Thank you for helping make my birthday amaze loveee you!

  2. Even if it is twenty-five you are like a fine wine and get better with age! Love your “to-do” list… a lot of things you have are on mine as well as you know. Particularly in the blogging department. Also, that pic of you and the snake scares me. Please never show me pictures of petite-you with huge ass animals that could kill you in a moment ever again. Too much for my poor heart.

  3. I really REALLY want to learn to surf. If it works out, I want to go to Costa Rica this year and learn. I’m pumped for your trip!! 🙂
    I’m definitely the same when it comes to emails/texts. It’s awful. I either reply immediately or never do. Whoops.
    Happy early birthday!! 🙂

  4. FHJKSHSJKDHF. Omg. That snake. I can’t even. I literally have the heebie jeebies just looking at that picture — I have no idea how you managed to get in a cage with that beastly thing. You’re amazing.

    Media kits. Ugh. Don’t even get me started. I’ve been putting off putting one together FOREVER, and it’s something I seriously need to get on. I second what Davs said — make me do it! And let’s not talk about how bad I am at responding to e-mails… Faster responses are on my to-do list as well.

    • I don’t even know how I got in the cage with it. I really don’t remember being scared, which is the crazy part. That’s what happens when you’re 19 I guess…

      We should all get together, lock ourselves in a room, and make press kits. Working with bloggers – I love when they send me one or when I can find all their details from it on their site!

  5. Oh great, now I have a whole new set of goals myself! The novel and swimming ones especially. Happy birthday btw!

    • A) SURE! Will you be my tour guide? I would love to. I actually thought about just moving sans job to Australia (yay work holiday visa!). I should e-mail you about that.

      B) THANK YOU!


  6. Love that you want to take a solo trip. That sounds like the perfect way to unwind, relax and see life in a way you may not of had someone been along.

    I really admire you for taking time and putting your heart into each goal. I truly beieve if you want something bad enough, it’ll get done… and from the sounds of it, you’ll be good to go 🙂

  7. You can get an Italian passport? Thats really cool and I saw definitely make that a priority while you. I adore solo traveling, it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and lets you experience things in a new light (plus its a great way to meet people!)

    Great blog goals btw, the press kit has been on my mind lately. I need to bite the bullet and get it over with! I’ve been blogging for four years so you would think I would have one…..

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