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It’s been awhile since I have done a round-up (hate that term) of stuff you should check out/do over the weekend. I also decided that I hate the term “Weekend Homework” because really, who wants to do homework on the weekend? If I’m ever a teacher (which at this stage in my life is doubtful to say the least), I’ll never give kids homework on the weekend – unless I have to use it as a bargaining tool.

So since it’s been a while, here are some cool things you should read or do or watch. Some of them are old – sorry if you already know about them.


  • StyleCaster had a great article last month – Seven Fun Things to Do with Friends. As a girl quickly approaching my mid-twenties, you find that you don’t feel like going out to a crowded bar but you still want to hang with your friends, sometimes even sans-alcohol! I’m a fan of a few things they mention – take a class together (I love workout dates, especially if they are followed by almond milk lattes and/or brunch), volunteering and planning not to plan (Hello, Montreal trip).
  • If you follow the editor of Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen, on any social media, you know she loves to read. How she finds the time to read is beyond me, between seemingly having a social life, a crazy good-presence on social media and oh, you know, being the editor of a magazine. Check out Eva Chen: What I Read from The Wire if you need a little inspiration to put the phone down and actually read something meaningful.
  • I’m constantly living in fear that I’m wasting my 20s. Nellie, a daily online magazine, had a great article about The Secret to Succeeding in Your Twenties. Don’t worry, it doesn’t include dropping out of Harvard and starting Facebook, so you’re solid there.
  • Our generation, and even more so the generation beneath us, is all about the #selfie. I kind of hate the selfie, but I’m guilty of it as well. A group of students at BYU is trying to make the selfie selfless – if your photo is tagged with #selfiepolice, you should go to their site and donate a dollar to help people in third world countries fight off poverty by helping with their student loans.


  • Ever since an innocent text from my friend Emily on Thursday asking if I had a waffle maker, I’ve been a waffle making machine. (Okay, so I had them for dinner on Thursday and Friday then breakfast yesterday.) I’m still not eating gluten or added sugar, but I want to experiment with a recipe I can eat based on these Roasted Apple Pecan with Brie Buckwheat Waffles.
  • I’ve been craving a burger… I think forcing my dad to grill up these Cheesy Herb Turkey Burgers from Nut Butter Runner is a must tonight.
  • During the 21 Day Sugar Detox, I was at such a loss of what to eat pre-workout. Most days I wasn’t hungry enough to need anything, but one day I ate a chicken thigh before a run. WHO WAS I BECOMING? Anyway, these Banana Chia Bites from Running to the Kitchen were super simple to put together and 21 DSD safe. I used almond butter instead of coconut oil – they were super dense and reminded me of banana bread.
banana chia bites running to the kitchen | almost getting it together

My take on the Banana Chia Bites from Running to the Kitchen.

I think I randomly found Bombay Bicycle Club on Spotify New Releases. Their new album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, has been on repeat for me.

Chat with me:
What are you up to this weekend? What cool things did I miss this week that should be up here (feel free to self-promote, I’ll let you be self-indulgent this Sunday)?

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