Spill It Sunday [4]: TV

I haven’t done a Spill It, Sunday in a while – not for lack of wanting to, but that I somehow get wrapped up in something and before I know it, it’s Monday (ew). I’ll take advantage of the snowy weather to link-up with Arman for a little look into my lack-of-pop-cultureness today.

The big man's world
What was your favorite TV series growing up?
I loved Rugrats, Rocco’s Modern Life (Remember when he almost got deported? I was so clever for a child.), TRL, ER and The OC. Let’s get real though – besides Lost, the only other show I’ve seen to completion is The OC.
Fun story: my mother walked into the room during TRL when they were playing “My Name Is” by Eminem – the part where he’s running around naked. MTV was promptly blocked from every TV in our house (but if you typed in the number you could get to it). How am I halfway normal?
What is your current favorite TV series?
Parks and Recreation, Scandal and Downton Abbey. I really don’t watch TV that often, except for Good Morning America and hockey.
If you could guest star on any television show, what would it be?
Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain because it would mean I was somewhere super cool and with my hero.
jimmy stewart | almost getting it together

Here’s a selfie of me today running in the polar vortex. Stopped by to say hi to Jimmy Stewart. This is also what I would look like if Tony took me to Antarctica to visit penguins.

What genre of TV do you enjoy the most?
Is hockey a genre? Other than that, probably travel. I would say comedy but all the shows I used to watch are either awful now (Community) or over (The Office, 30 Rock).
Which series do you think should not have been renewed after it’s first season?
The Big Bang Theory or Family Guy. For some reason I have a deep-rooted hatred for those shows. I don’t think they are funny – I think they are irritating.
Which series do you think deserved to be renewed but was not?
This is a hard one – maybe Sorority Life? Is that awful to say? I didn’t watch it religiously- and growing up, I never thought I would be in a sorority, but after becoming a sister – I really wanted to watch this show from the beginning.
[EDIT] Arrested Development, duh. Even though the Netflix season is pretty bad.
Chat with me:
What TV show should I watch next? What show do you hate? Did you watch Sorority Life?

10 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday [4]: TV

  1. Travel shows are awesome. So are food shows. I get sucked into the “make a gourmet meal with only this can opener and a duck!” shows and then before I know it 5 hours are gone. OK, not that many, but you get my exaggerated point. 🙂

  2. You’re pop cultured!… just in like music ways more than TV! What would my taste in music be like without your influence, really. So it comes as no surprise that you loved TRL! MTV was banned in my house, so I never watched TRL religiously. I don’t like Family Guy or Big Band either! Twinz as per usual.

  3. I’ve never heard of sorority life! Truth-be-told I always wished I was in a sorority but at McGill it was social suicide. Most people did it because they gave you free housing if you joined…

    Seeing as my mother watches the real world, the real housewives and every other show that is “real”, nothing was blocked in my house growing up. I’m dumber for it. For real though, I’m totally addicted to TV. When I started blogging I actually cut down, but now that I work from home I almost always have something on in the background (you know my multitasking skills!). Once I’ve caught up on KUWTK, The Real World, Scandal, All the housewives, The Good Wife, The NewsRoom, Orange is the new black, New Girl, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Game of Thrones (the only “quality” TV show I watch) and Made in Chelsea I usually just keep the food network on so I can marvel at Ina Garden and Giada.

    I think I have a problem…

    • That’s so funny that sororities were social suicide at McGill! So different than in the US and at my school. The thing I appreciate it about it the most is that I’m closer with sisters now than I was in school – and you know that if you’re in the area, you’re almost obligated to see them, which is great because you can talk about all the people you hated haha.

      OF COURSE we both live OitNB and Scandal. I wish I could have stuff in the background and pay attention but it’s just lost on me.

  4. Dude, same scenario- There was some spice girls music video on TV when I was 8 and mum walked in and banned me from watching ANY music video!!!

    Downton Abbey is my sleeping pill….it puts me to sleep! But their accents are prettttty bomb.com. I also despise Big Bang theory yet I’m in the minority- EVERYONE in Australia is obsessed. Stupid Australia.

    Seeing as your a marketing stunner, try out The Apprentice- so good!

    • Before I ever even listened to music, my parents bought me a stereo and two CDs for Christmas – Backstreet Boys “Backstreet’s Back” and Spice Girls “Spice World”. I literally had never listened to either. They never cared what I listened to, but forbid I watch TV or a movie…

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