Getting It Together Thursdays:

The most adult-like thing you can do is making a budget. Fun story, I’m not a a real adult in any way shape or form so I don’t have a budget BUT I am trying to save money and be conscious of my spending. I have a number in my head that I like my checking account to be at and a number I like my credit card bill to be each month and from there, I just let myself spend to that number (and sometimes over, whoops).

I live in fear of three numbers: the number on the scale, the number in my checking account, and my American Express account snapshot. puts two of these numbers together thus making me only check two numbers that terrify me.

I don’t keep a budget for one reason – I’m lazy. I don’t like to look at receipts and think about how much money I just dropped at Lululemon on a weekly monthly basis. I’d prefer to live in ignorant bliss of where my hard-earned money is going, however, that’s not the adult thing to do.

So this is how works: you put in your bank accounts and credit cards and it somehow figures out how much money you make (I’m guessing it looks at your recurring deposits) then makes a budget for you each month. Not sure how it determines what your budget should be, but it’s funny because it’s the number I have in my head. It will e-mail you alerts if it thinks you are spending too much money – last month I received an e-mail because I spent $300+ on “hair” (disclaimer, $80 of that was for a Drybar gift card). Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Yeah, very budget friendly. Sure, you get annoying things trying to get you to sign up for a credit card (bad budget tips, Mint) and Roth IRAs and stuff on their platform, but hey, you can’t complain about something free. | almost getting it together

A peek into my spending habits – too many almond milk lattes this month, clearly. is a good gut check into your spending habits. It shows you if you are spending more than you are bringing in and where your money is going. If you aren’t going to be a real adult and keep a checking ledger and a budget, Mint is the next best thing.

Chat with me:
Do you keep a budget? Do you think it’s irresponsible that I don’t? Where does the most of your money go?

PS: I promise I will recap Montreal this weekend, this week at work just has not left me wanting to look at a computer screen when I get home!

10 thoughts on “Getting It Together Thursdays:

  1. Still making me wait, eh?

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. I feel like I learned about this a few years on the Today show (yes I watch the Today show daily…) but forgot the name! And C and I just signed a lease (wahoo!) which means I now have to pay for my rent instead of just mooching off the parentals aka time to budget! Setting up an account now. You da best!

  2. I neeeeed to use this. Thanks for posting this because it’s seriously the only way I’ll be able to keep my spending in check for the next few poor, poor months.

    And I’m a little offended at the almond milk latte comment. Never too many of those, especially when they involve me.

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