Thoughts on High-Low

I love high-low. I’ve had people tell me that when they think about my style, they think high-low because I wear it so much. I just love the idea of it – it feels so elegant, so chic.

One of the few times I have dragged a boyfriend into a store (Brandy Melville, of course), I made him give me his opinion of everything. I have a hard time with the difference between girl hot and boy hot – I always dress for other girls, not boys. Blame it on my fashion degree and working in retail – I have to keep up with other attractive girls. Plus dressing girl hot just makes me feel better about myself. Back to the point – the one thing he LOVED was a high-low skirt.

I bought this dress over the summer. I couldn’t find a plain black high-low skirt that I loved so I thought – just buy a black high-low dress and wear a top with it… which I have never done, of course. It hasn’t seen much wear – one ill-fated evening that potentially ended in Little Haiti in Brooklyn (disclaimer: the part of Brooklyn I was in is not in fact Little Haiti, and after revisiting in the daytime, is actually quite nice – but after a bottle or two of champagne one or two Haitian flags gets your imagination running) at the beginning of Summer and then again in July. Since then it has sat sadly in my closet, seemingly too-dressy for work.

This outfit started innocently enough – on my morning run I realized it was going to be a warm day which to me says “LAST CHANCE TO BARE YOUR LEGS” for the hundredth time this year. I typically think about what I’m going to wear for the day while running. When you’re running six miles in the morning you need something to think about besides breakfast and how cozy your bed is. I couldn’t decide what top to wear with it (since it was too cold to go spaghetti-strap) and thought – scarf. Chic.


almost getting it together | high-low

High-Low ’til I Die-O.


Get my look:
Dress: Nordstrom – Mimi Chica Black Stripe High-Low Dress
Scarf: United Colors of Benneton (super old – think freshman year of college ~2007 old)
Shoes: Sam Edelman – Salina


Chat with me:
1) Thoughts on high-low: go.
2) Where is the craziest place you have ever ended up? Mine is not in fact imaginary Little Haiti, but instead Snake Alley in Tapei, but that story is for another day.

14 thoughts on “Thoughts on High-Low

  1. 1- I could never get into the high-low. I like clean cut and straight lines and the high-low effect just doesn’t do it for me. I love it on other people, not me, sadly. Another fashion trend I just cannot do myself. Let us talk about jeggings and heeled ankle boots.

    2- I was in a skirt suit in DC, had a few too many margs at Tortilla Coast, and took my stockings off basically in font of the White House at 3am because they were bunching as I was waving down a taxi. #PoliSciProblem.

    PS- More that I think about our adventures, it was for the better we never spent much time bonding in person. The world could not handle that.

  2. I think you wear this look amazingly well, but I don’t like it on me. You look great though! I love the scarf and boots. This would look pretty awesome with a leather jacket too.

  3. I think high low looks beautiful but only on tall and skinny people and with the right shoes! I am only a little over 5 feet and am curvy with big legs so it doesn’t look good on me. And when people wear it with converse or vans or anything it kills the whole look! You look gorgeous though!

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