Weekend Homework [3]

So there hasn’t been a weekend homework in a while… sorry about that. I’ve had a lot going on and this week I’ve been catching up on life/relaxing/binging on Scandal. (OBSESSED.) I know you’re devastated.

Ever wonder what those people you see walking around during the day are doing and why they aren’t at work? Refinery29 investigates. Spoiler: most are students.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gives his list of do’s and don’ts for success. Some are weird, but his highly-regimented lifestyle makes me feel better than mine.

I hate when people are attached at their phones when they’re with people. I’m guilty of it too, but this list from Apartment Therapy has some ways to be polite with your technology when you’re in public.

I’ve been addicted to brie cheese this week. I’ve been making pumpkin quesadillas with brie and butternut squash quesadillas with cheese.

I have to make these s’mores pancakes from Peanut Butter Fingers this weekend.

Anyone who knows me knows I love Wes Anderson. SNL did a wonderful Halloween Wes Anderson parody.

Chat with me:
What are you up to this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Homework [3]

  1. RELAXING! And not spending money (except for bills and groceries. barf.). And not drinking. And watching a lot of TV. And working out. I’m thinking of doing a workout from Nutrition Nut on the Run with burpees so if you don’t hear from me at some point, call the emergency services because I might be dead.

  2. pumpkin quesadillas with brie??? SOLD.

    No big plans this weekend but tonight I’ll be drinking copious amounts of free wine at a wine event. My brother is a wine agent (yes I want his job) so he’s hooking a sista up! 3 hours till I can get started. Woo!

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