So, You Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume

I’m bad at Halloween, I’m the first to admit that. Okay, maybe not bad – but not epic. I have a friend at work who was a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba – she epically won Halloween. The best part about being an adult – you don’t have to dress slutty for Halloween.

The past few six years my Halloween has been lackluster. Freshman year – freshly dumped, didn’t even dress up, sat moping with a Little Red Riding Hood costume unused. Sophomore year – some fraternity party with my pledge class dressed as a forgettable Cleopatra. Junior year – sloppy Mad Hatter (I was trying to be slutty and failing). Senior year – kind of cool Friday night in a group costume with my roommates as the Alcohol Board of Control (ABC) then lame and cold Saturday and Sunday as Sandy from Grease and a slutty Indian from the Village People in a group costume with my roommates (three days of Halloween with a different costume every night is just too much). 2011 – my boyfriend was an accountant and it was month end so we made margaritas and I fell asleep in the first 10 minutes of a scary movie. Last year – freshly dumped, but Carmen San Diego, so at least I finally had a cute/funny costume.

This year Halloween snuck up on me. I don’t know what I was doing for most of October but coming up and making a Halloween costume just didn’t happen. My only true Halloween costume-requiring plans was my boss’s Halloween party this past weekend, so because I’m  trying to save money spent three thousand dollars on a new computer, I decided to be culturally relevant with what I had on hand/could buy from Forever21. I originally thought about being Miley Cyrus but according to everyone ever, 87% of girls were Miley for Halloween so I dodged that bullet.

Now… without further ado: How to Be Prancersize for Halloween.

almost getting it together how to be prancersize for halloween

Gotta prancersize before you romancersize.

almost getting it together how to be prancersize for halloween

Do I look crazy enough to be the Prancercize girl?


Get the look:
Jacket – Silence & Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer (also seen here)
Pants – Jegging – American Eagle Outffitters
Tank – H&M
“Ankle Weights” – my dad’s black socks bunched up around my ankles.
Shoes – Hidden Wedge Sneaker – American Eagle Outfitters

If you want to go real Prancersize, get a plastic jewel necklace in white and get a pink/coral blazer that buttons or zips up. I just realized I had a pink one and decided I didn’t feel like looking for/buying a different one.

Pin your hair back into a bob if you don’t have one. I literally just put my hair into a bun with my hands and pinned it really lightly and pulled out the front pieces. Watch a Youtube tutorial, you’ll figure it out. The key to the whole look is make-up though. You need a smokey eye, dark lip, and a ton of bronzer. Go head, girl, get down with a Prancersize Halloween costume.

Chat with me:
Halloween – love it or over-rated? What did you dress up as this year?

5 thoughts on “So, You Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume

  1. YES you do have to prancersize before you romancersize. Tell me the boys were flocking to you in that getup! I love this costume, so fun! Personally I don’t think Halloween will ever be overrated, I just won’t have as much an occasion to dress up.

  2. Being from across the pond I unfortunately can’t fully appreciate the cultural aspect of ‘prancersize’ though I do get the gist of it… That said I can completely concur with your thoughts on Halloween costumes. Each year I see more and more women looking as if they’re competing for a ‘Who’s Sexiest?’ contest, seriously when did Halloween move from being scary and cooky to that? I guess with the lack of children on the street trick or treating sine it’s not so safe we have women exposing themselves instead to keep things lively though unfortunately it’s not exactly safe for them either *sigh*.

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