Getting It Together Thursdays: Homecoming

Visiting your old college sounds like a really fun idea. It’s Homecoming! You’ll see all your old friends and maybe that boy in your class you had a crush on will be there and still be single. You’re right – it can be a really fun idea, but it can also be a really, really bad idea if you don’t do it right.

If you’re like me and you’ve graduated college, you probably lost a lot of weight in between. Ever wonder why? It’s because you stopped binge drinking and eating pizza at 2 a.m. I often wonder why I was fat in college despite training for a few half-marathons, working out nearly every day, and being sure to eat my veggies. It’s because I would routinely drink 1,000 calories a night (probably not an exaggeration).

I’m a super routine-oriented person. It honestly probably makes it awful to be my friend/boyfriend. I have to go on a run nearly every day. I have to eat a lot of protein and vegetables and stay away from carbs. I now have a fear of empty alcohol calories and not sleeping in my own bed. I’m like a Gremlin – I come with instructions and you can’t get me wet (or make me drink cheap beer).

Have you ever been in a bar completely sober? That was me this weekend – twice. I love a glass (or two) of wine as much as the next girl but I also love wearing size 0 jeans. Sorry I’m not sorry. Drinking six drinks in a night and then eating pizza (okay, maybe I had a slice of pizza one night) is not conducive to that. So I was at the bar sober but the people watching and lack of a hangover the next day was definitely worth it.

So I’m exhausted and half-watching Scandal while writing this, but here’s the moral of the story: Going to Homecoming is cool because you see people you forgot you loved and you can eat Black Bear twice in one weekend. Be relaxed (unlike me) and have a few drinks and forget about the alcohol calories. Embrace being young because your metabolism isn’t getting any faster. You realize you have a cool job and you’re (relatively) successful for being in your early mid twenties. Going back for Homecoming makes you grateful you don’t have to study or go to Formal Meeting on Sunday and that you have a little bit of expendable income. It makes you remember who your friends are and where you came from. So go back. Have fun. Don’t be a wet blanket (sorry if I was a wet blanket for not drinking, everyone).


almost getting it together homecoming

This is how you could typically find me on a Sunday morning in college.

Chat with me:
If you graduated college, do you go back for Homecoming? If you’re still in college – what is your Sunday usually like?

4 thoughts on “Getting It Together Thursdays: Homecoming

  1. I will definitely go back for my homecoming next year… and I will 99% for sure be drinking. Lol. I know that I don’t even drink as much as the next college student right now, but that will be even less after college. So I’ll save it up for special occasions like Homecoming, etc.!

  2. This is SUCH a great post and so resonates with me. I’m also at the age where going-out and getting wasted just doesn’t make much sense anymore but being a grandma at 24 is equally as lame. It’s been a challenge to find the balance but I can honestly say I’m getting there. I can eat pizza and have a few drinks and still get up early the next morning for yoga and an egg white omelette. Life would be no fun if you couldn’t ease up every now and then enjoy being young but being conscious, smart choices should also matter. I hope more people read this post because I think it really applies to a lot of people our age.

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