Race Recap: Columbus “Run Like a Girl” Half-Marathon

Back in July, my friend Angela asked if I wanted to run a half-marathon with her. After a vaguely crappy race in June, I decided to take a few months off from training and maybe actually have a life on the weekends that didn’t involve planning around two to three hours of running and the exhaustion/revved-up metabolism that comes with it. I looked at the website and saw you got a bottle of wine when you finished, so then I immediately signed up. Plus, Angela’s PR isn’t far off mine (about a minute or so faster) so I thought it would be fun to run a race with a friend and actually run with them.

almost getting it together nutty for life columbus run like a girl half marathon

Pre-race selfies!

Luckily, between June and the end of July when I signed up, I didn’t let my mileage get too low so training was pretty painless. I even ran another half as a training run. I’ve gotten to the point in my running life where I don’t dread running halves or going on my long runs, but actually look forward to them. (Except sometimes in the weekend when I’d rather sleep in and go to brunch like a normal human being.) I really thought maybe I could do some speed work for once and PR at this race.

Angela had been having some knee issues and secretly changed her race to the 5K so as not to aggregate it (and TOTALLY ROCKED it – 17th out of 700+ people!), so I was running it alone. I didn’t mind – the week before I ran The Great Race by myself and ran the Montour Half by myself as well. It was a pretty small race, so I was excited to not have to weave in and out of people at the start and knew that would help my time.

almost getting it together nutty for life columbus run like a girl half marathon

Will run for wine. Please ignore how disgusting I look after running 13 miles and my post-run African belly bloat.

I was aiming for sub-9 minute splits… and did so until about mile five or six. I allegedly ran a 7:25 split (but I’m thinking their mileage was a bit off). I also assumed that since Columbus is in the Midwest it would have been totally flat, but it was not. It was kind of hilly. It was an out and back race on a lot of trail, but I don’t mind since that’s what I’m used to doing my long runs on.

I finished at 2:00:57, which is just two minutes over my PR, so i was a little frustrated with myself. I did finish 102 out of 552, so at least I was in the top 19%. I let a lot of negative self-talk get to me when I was running a few bad splits and I think if I had pushed those thoughts out of my head, I would have at least ran a sub-2, if not PR-ed. It was my second-fastest time, which I attribute to Angela bringing me a delicious cinnamon raisin bagel from Bagel Street Deli in Athens. (Allegedly I am supposed to try one of their bagel sandwiches which they are more-widely known for. A good reason for me to go run the Athens half, right?)

almost getting it together nutty for life columbus run like a girl half marathon

Crappy form right here.

Anyway, the race was fun but my weekend in Columbus was fun even more fun. I loved seeing Ang for a whole weekend since I haven’t seen her since August (!!). Also a huge thanks to Ang for the photos that I stole (with her permission/encouragement) from her blog. So you should probably go read/follow her blog as a thank you.

almost getting it together nutty for life columbus run like a girl half marathon

Post-race swag.

8 thoughts on “Race Recap: Columbus “Run Like a Girl” Half-Marathon

  1. You can learn from this run and next time not let the bad thoughts get you down….I was thinking the girl in your pictures looked familiar. That is awesome that you two have each other for support. It is great to have friends like that!!

  2. I love that you two are friends haha I would totally join you if I lived closer! PS- bottle of wine…… what have I been doing with my life/where can I sign up for a race like this?! lol I hate running but totally worth it!

    • Angela really inspired me to start a blog. I was going back and forth with fashion/fitness/food focus and realized I could do all three, it was my blog. I was such a creep, I would sit behind her all summer and read her posts. We will have to find a race that involves wine and all meet up… Disney food & wine half?

  3. I think you did great! Congrats! It’s hard having those negative thoughts while racing. Just remember you learn something every time you run which will help during your next race. The bottle of wine is a nice touch!

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