How About Dem Apples?

We had a bout of beautiful weather this week, culminating in cold and a rain storm that kept me from going on a run this morning.

My must-do fall activity every year is apple picking. I’m over carving pumpkins (too messy) and going on hayrides (too many sorority hayride blurry memories), so basically all that’s left for me are apples. I love baking and also apples are my current favorite snack so it’s a win-win for everyone.

I went to Simmons Farm after I spent over an hour trying to find another farm to pick apples at because I’ve been to Simmons Farm for four consecutive Falls now. And I realized that is because it is the only farm in the Pittsburgh area that has pick-your-own apples. I thought I lived a stones-throw from Pennsyltucky AKA farm country so I’m really confused about the lack of pick your own farms.

So anyway it was a really beautiful day so I took advantage and wore some things I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wear again until next year. Which I have been doing since mid-August so basically at this rate I’ll never have to give any of my favorite Summer clothes up. I felt like I should wear close-toed shoes because you don’t know what kind of dirt or critters are around apple trees. Last year I looked super cute because it was cold so I wore my riding boots and North Face and looked sorority chic.

I wore these shorts to work a couple weeks ago (with a pretty breezy, sheer top) and a friend commented that my shorts were really long that day. Don’t think this length is normal for me.


almost getting it together - pittsburgh pick your own apples

Taste-testing the apples to make sure they are ripe enough. That’s a thing, right?


almost getting it together - pittsburgh pick your own apples

I think I’m going to give up my career and become a professional apple picker.


almost getting it together - pittsburgh pick your own apples

Love the back detail of this shirt!

Get my look:
Top: Madewell (from Spring)
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters – AE Destroyed Boyfit Midi Shorts
Shoes: Keds – Keds Champion Original Sneakers (similar)


Chat with me:
What’s your favorite Fall activity?

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