Modern Art Gives Me Anxiety

I started a Tumblr last year called “Things That Give Me Anxiety“, which I haven’t updated in at least six months. After a trip to the Museum of Modern Art this winter (not my first trip there, mind you) I came to the realization that I’m almost offended by modern art. I like a good Gauguin as much as the next girl (actually probably much more than the next girl) but I just don’t get bee pollen in the shape of a square on the floor.

I follow HK Magazine, the main (maybe only?) English-language weekly publication about culture, food, life, etc., in Hong Kong on Twitter. Just like your Time Out New York or Pittsburgh Magazine or whatever. Even though I haven’t lived there for like 4 years I just like knowing what the cool things are in the SAR (look it up if you don’t know). Anyway I saw they had this giant duck installation art piece in Victoria Harbor and the next place it was floating to was Pittsburgh! What are the chances! I wonder if the duck had a layover in Newark, too. Their customs lines are the worst. There’s potential for that bird to smuggle a lot of opium into the US.

Back on track: In enters my love of cute things, especially birds. I’m a bird freak. My favorites are penguin, peacock, and flamingo, but ducks not-in-real life are cute. I’m not too into live animals usually because they make noise and you have to keep them alive, but I like looking at them. I think ducks are cool and actually have a few random rubber ducks I got from like, Dermalogica or something weird.

So this giant duck floats into town on Friday night. In true #PittFab fashion, the city throws a bridge party (we love bridge parties here. Shane Botwin on Weeds was not joking when he said we have 446 bridges). Of course I need first-mover advantage Instagram pics before everyone has duck sensory-overload, so my friend Jamie who is in town and I go check it out.

Not gonna lie. The guy is pretty cool. Maybe I have to rethink my stance on modern art.

Pittsburgh Hong Kong Giant Duck Almost Getting It Together

Would you believe I took this photo with an actual camera?


Pittsburgh Hong Kong Giant Duck Almost Getting It Together

What the duck?


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2 thoughts on “Modern Art Gives Me Anxiety

  1. I love the ducky and I hope I get a chance to see him when I come home in November. I don’t know when he leaves! As for modern art, I hate it. I don’t get it either. Give me a good impressionist painting, and I’m in, though.

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