So, You Don’t Want to Pay $12 for Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

Yeah, me either.

I was on an almond kick over the summer and made my dad buy me a huge bag from Costco. I also have had trouble finding freshly ground almond butter lately, one day culminating in tears in the freshly ground nut butter aisle at Whole Foods when their almond butter machine was out. I saw on my friend Angela’s blog, Nutty For Life, that she made her own almond butter. I also have seen recipes around the web for cinnamon sugar almond butter, etc., so I thought… how hard could making my own almond butter be?

Guess what – it’s super simple. Almost verging on fun. All you need is a really good food processor. I didn’t try this in my Vitamix because every recipe I saw said not to.  I decided to do vanilla almond butter because I am so tempted to drop the $12 for Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter every time I’m at the store and also because I have a fear of added [white/brown/refined] sugar, so the cinnamon sugar idea was out the window.


Make Your Own Vanilla Almond Butter

Make Your Own Vanilla Almond Butter


You’ll need:
3 cups almonds (I used raw because I was too lazy to roast mine)
1 tbps vanilla extract
1 tsp honey

What to do:
Throw the almonds in the food processor and turn it on. They will turn to almond powder then into ground almonds and after 10-15 minutes, almond butter. The consistency is up to you. You’ll have to scrape down the sides with a spatula.

This recipe is totally customizable, but this recipe was AWESOME. I had it on a pumpkin English muffin for breakfast this morning. Try adding cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon (if you dare), pumpkin pie spice… whatever you want!


Chat with me:
Have you bought Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter? What is your ideal almond butter mix-in?

10 thoughts on “So, You Don’t Want to Pay $12 for Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

  1. Justin’s vanilla AB is amazing but you can’t get it in Canada! So I resorted to making it at home and I actually think mine is better than Justin’s 😉 I do the same as you but instead of 3 cups of almonds I do 2 cups of almonds and cup of coconut. 2 tsps vanilla, salt and a little bit of cinnamon. I’m addicted!!!

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