So, You Have to Wear Pink on Wednesdays

You go to North Shore High School, you recently moved to the Midwest from Africa, and your only friends are Cosette from Les Miserables, the chick from Nicholas Spark movies, and the girl whose dad invented Toaster Strudels or you work at a company who is a sponsor for a Breast Cancer awareness non-profit.

Usually wearing pink is super easy and natural for me. Like cheetah print, pink is a neutral in my world. Today, however, I was also working on a project at work that required me to look on-brand in case I ended up in any behind the scenes footage. I decided I could do denim on denim instead of a sheer pink number that I would typically wear then through this seldom-worn blazer over it. I’m all about bringing jackets out of retirement this week.

I don’t know if I love this chambray, only because it’s a little big so it’s not that flattering and makes me look a little fat (I think). Or I ate a lot of sodium at lunch, whatever. Note my mani – OPI Ink. I’m excited to finally get to rock the dark fall nail colors.

We are slowly upgrading photos. Today I enlisted the help of one of our amazing photographers who besides being super talented, is super-sweet and funny. (Hi, Janelle!)  She quickly took a few photos for me because she’s the best.  I’m not a very good model (yet), but it will come with time.


The only time I wore this blazer all day.


“Rolling your sleeves tutorial”


Still getting the hang of modeling. Sorry my eyes are so squinty.

Get my look:
BlazerSilence & Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer
Top AE Denim Workwear Shirt
JeansAE Jeggings
Shoes – Sam Edelman “Katie” (last Summer)

Chat with me:
Who was your favorite character in Mean Girls?

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