Getting It Together Thursdays: Staying Informed

I thought a fun little series on my blog is where I would try to do one adult thing a week. That’s a lofty goal for anyone – are there even 52 adult-like things in the world to do? So maybe this will be more like a monthly thing or bi-monthly or you know what? Goals are for adults. Planning that far out will be for another day.

I realized a long time while ago that I was super-uninformed when it came to the news. I had no clue what was going on in the world. I actually think I recently learned that Joe Biden was our Vice President. Also, news to me was that John Kerry was Secretary of State. Whew, glad he’s relevant again. Anyway, maybe it’s just politics, but when you know more about Miley Cyrus’s nail polish color that week then what’s going on with the Arab Spring, you start to take a step back and re-evaluate your life.

I say I watch the news every morning, but really it’s just the second pop-culture focused hour of GMA, then sometimes the first 15 minutes of Kelly & Michael if I’m running super late. I really don’t have time to read my Twitter feed anymore, so how am I expected to skim (FORESHADOWING) unless I am promised a video of a seal crawling onto a boat or something?



My friend Emily (the inventor of Green Trekkers), who I literally just wrote about, told me about The Skimm. It’s this daily newsletter you get e-mailed to you in the morning with five headlines. The first one is a big one (lately it’s been all about Syria), then they have smaller ones that touch on US news, politics, pop culture, technology, or human interest pieces. So The Skimm basically makes me seem like a real person and probably half-informed and intelligent to most people. You should sign up for it. It’s great. And sometimes boys think it’s cute when you’re informed.

4 thoughts on “Getting It Together Thursdays: Staying Informed

  1. Haha I am so with you! Ever since I graduated and have more reading time, I feel like I should read more news articles… You know, since I am a grown up now and all (lol). But I only end up reading Twitter feeds, too!!! I will definitely use Skimm. What a nifty idea!

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